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Armed With Knowledge: Children and Guns – I was approached by the super awesome 3 gun queen (and potty mouthed blogger Diana Hufstedler) about writing an article geared towards children and firearms. It is geared towards parenting in a gun friendly home and some special safety considerations that need to be thought out. I hope you enjoy



In 2016 I began writing for Americas First Freedom Magazine which is a publication put out by the NRA.  I have written several things with more in the works.

Hillary’s Enemies List: Corinne Mosher-August 2nd, 2016-On October 13th, 2015 at a democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was asked who she is most proud to call her enemies.  Instead of taking the opportunity to denounce terrorism, murder, rape, or other criminals, she proudly proclaimed the 5 million members of the NRA as her enemies.  Being the mother of a beautiful daughter, wife of a Police Officer, and law abiding citizen, I found it bizarre that my membership in the NRA would make me enemy #1 of a presidential candidate.

The Blame Game-September 22nd, 2016-Every time I turned on the news, I was hearing about gun violence throughout not only my home town metro area, but around the country.  It seemed like everywhere you went guns were being violent and causing destruction all around.  I decided to write an article re-directing the root cause of the issue and trying to change the narrative of “gun violence”.

Fortresses & Fields-October 13th, 2016-I wrote this article as I was thinking about my home and the different layers of protection that keep the unwanted out.  It is not good enough to just have 1 layer such as a gun.  A proper defense depends on multiple layers of protection.



Corinne Mosher: EDC, Every Day Compromises-October 10th, 2015-Not only does 5.11 Tactical make some of the toughest and most versatile clothing and gear in service with our military and first responders, they also have a pretty cool website where they share information to like minded people.  Through that website I shared my thoughts on the compromises we make when we choose to carry concealed weapons.  Whether the compromises are in the clothing choices we make, company we keep, or environment we are in.